Providing an interconnected journey of art through 9 core venues across the district. The event programme will be coordinated across the different venues and street locations as a curated experience. We will create a journey through a continuous ribbon of light activating the street and telling the story of the District. We plan to guide the public through a line which connects these spaces. To take a path which uses the back alleys and emphasises the discoverable.

Throughout the precinct there will be themed food, roving performance (WAAPA), Music, an explosion of old Aberdeen verge revitalisation, mysterious plinth reveal, live art, installation, internal and external projection and themed bars. This is a creative overlay playing with private and public space. The context produces synergistic cohesion of participating businesses. It makes visible the invisible secret inside and creates association and interaction pathways. Art here is the glue, the social cohesive ingredient. The idea of showcasing itself in the center is about recognising the innovation cultural ecology. However, the benefits from opening up creative practice to a wider audience can be productive on many fronts. In economic and in social terms.

We value the unexpected and approaches which are creative and fun. Our demographic target for this event is intentionally broad. We want to provide an experience which is genuinely artistic. To be appealing and relevant to an art audience, but which an experiential context is that people share. A uniting social outcome.

DATES: Summer 2020